About Us

We cover all of the top sports leagues in the United States. The Southeast Sports Network is a launchpad for young journalists, reporters and sports business professionals. In addition to sports coverage we offer opinion pieces, predictions, and viral videos. SESN features extensive local coverage of Southeast Tennessee and Northern Georgia as well.

When Direct Digital Media launched the Midwest Sports Network, the brand was astonished with their early success. A total of 6,000,000 social media users were reached in 2018. Since then, numbers have exploded, and we’re excited to be offering more digital content and services than ever before.

Schray Media acquired and moved to expand the suite of brands, adding a total of twelve more digital media outlets to the existing collection. Some of the highlights include the Win Big Sports Network, the Southeast Sports Network, 105.3 Power Radio, and 96.9 Fresh Air Radio.

In 2021 Schray Media, who later acquired the Direct Digital Media brand, had reached over 100,000,000 users on social media through the network of brands.

Schray Media thrives on honesty, integrity, fun, innovation and community. Our brands are some of the fastest growing online only media outlets in the World. One of our main goals is to provide a platform to aspiring journalists to grow and practice their skills.

We aren’t looking to rock the market or run anyone out of business. We’re here to make friends, fun and memories. We aren’t accepting messages at this time. For business opportunities DM us on Twitter. For DMCA information and requests, visit the DMCA page.