BC Lions Announce Transactions

Pro Football

The BC Lions Football Club today announced the following roster transactions:

Released from roster:

DL Mack Weaver (I), DL Davond Dade (I)

DL Ricarlo Bell (I), DL Tim Hamilton (I)

DL Whitney Richardson (I), DL Sha-Ki Holines (I)

DL Lance McDowdell (I), LB Casseus Clemente (I)

WR Marquess Wilson (I), WR Brandon Shed (I)

Added to roster:

DL Meffy Koloamatangi (I)

K/P Taylor Russolino (I)

WR Jamaal Jones (I)

WR Jesse Walker (N)

DB D-Londo Tucker (I)

DB Victor Gamboa (I)

OL Jovann Letuli (I)

LB Ronley Lakalaka (I)

Placed on injury deferred list: OL Peter Godber (N)

Placed on retired list: LB Terrell Davis (N)


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