Even with Toledo’s 2-0 Lead: No Ice is Safe Ice

The Toledo Walleye lead the Tulsa Oilers 2-0 in the ECHL Western Conference Finals, but no ice is safe ice.  Public Service Announcement for the Toledo Walleye.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DDNR) website, Ice Fishing has a list of ideal safety tips to remember when setting out for the “catch of the day.”  To name a few:

  • No ice is safe ice
  • Know the size and daily limits for the fish that you hope to catch 
  • Learn the ice fishing regulations for where you are fishing 
  • Make a checklist of things you will need to have fun and be safe 
  • Consider leaving a “float plan” with someone who knows that you will be out on the ice, indicating where you plan to fish, where you plan to park your vehicle, and when you plan to return home. For boaters, this is common practice, and for ice anglers, it’s not a bad idea either.
  • Always fish with a partner or in an area with several other anglers present
  • Let others know exactly where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Avoid areas where feeder streams, springs, bridge pilings, docks, and dam structures since ice is usually very thin there
    Retrieved from:  http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/fishing/ice-fishing

How this applies to hockey…

  • No ice is safe ice.  This is applicable to ice hockey too.  Home or away, be hoping for the “catch” and keep those feet moving.
  • The size and limits of the catch, is important too.  Do not get too excited or too laissez-faire.
  • Know the regulations.  Keep your Penalty Kills short so more full strength play.
  • Keep having fun and be safe.
  • Keep working your fantastic plays.
  • Always fish with a friend, based on Toledo Walleye Twitter page we know our fish have friends.
  • Let others know your play.
  • Avoid dam structures aka opponents’ blocks.This fictional public service announcement is concluded.

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