Midseason Review: Chattanooga FC’s Notable Numbers and More

Midseason Review: Chattanooga FC’s Notable Numbers and More

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (SESN) — Chattanooga Football Club (CFC) has faced the challenge of competing in MLS NEXT Pro for the first time this year. Under the leadership of Rod Underwood, the team has adapted well, currently sitting in third place out of 15 clubs in the Eastern Conference at the midpoint of the season.

As a newcomer to MLS NEXT Pro, Chattanooga FC has embraced the competitive environment and demonstrated resilience and skill. This midseason review provides a comprehensive look at the team’s performance through various statistical measures and league accolades, highlighting their successful adaptation and promising future in the league.

Chattanooga FC has showcased strong offensive and defensive capabilities. The team ranks second in passes to the final third (845), third in accurate passes per match (468.7), and leads the league in total passes (8190). They also boast the third-highest accurate pass percentage (86.8%) and second-highest average possession (56.9%). Defensively, CFC leads the league in blocked shots (57) and interceptions per match (12.1), indicating a robust defense. With 28 points, CFC is only one point behind first-place Philadelphia Union in the Eastern Conference.

Team Statistics

  • Passes to the Final Third: CFC ranks second in MLS NEXT Pro with 845 passes to the final third, compared to the league average of 670.69.
  • Accurate Passes per Match: The team averages 468.7 accurate passes per match, placing them third in the league. They lead in total passes with 8190, above the league average of 5720.9, and hold the third-highest accurate pass percentage at 86.8%.
  • Touches in the Opposition Box: CFC is third in the league for touches in the opposition box, with 387, and second in the Eastern Conference.
  • Through Passes: They have completed 87 through passes, ranking third in the league, against an average of 67.21.
  • Progressive Passes: The club averages 71.51 progressive passes per 90 minutes, the second highest in the Eastern Conference (league average is 64.32).
  • Blocked Shots: Chattanooga FC leads the league with 57 blocked shots, well above the average of 36.14.
  • Average Possession: The team has the second highest average possession in MLS NEXT Pro at 56.9%.
  • Key Passes: They are tied for second in the league with 53 key passes, surpassing the average of 38.21.
  • Points: CFC has accumulated 28 points, placing them third in the Eastern Conference, just one point behind first-place Philadelphia Union.
  • Touches in the Penalty Area: The club averages 19.52 touches in the penalty area per 90 minutes, leading the Eastern Conference (league average is 16.46).
  • Passing Rate: CFC has the highest passing rate with 16.2 passes per minute of possession (league average is 13.67).
  • Interceptions: They lead the league with 12.1 interceptions per match.
  • Deep Completions: CFC averages 9.85 deep completions per 90 minutes, the highest in the league (average is 6.72).
  • PPDA: They have the fifth-lowest PPDA (9.3), indicating strong high pressing.
  • Challenge Intensity: Chattanooga FC ranks fourth in the Eastern Conference with a challenge intensity score of 5.7 (average is 5.15).
  • Clean Sheets: The team is tied for third in the league with four clean sheets.
  • Smart Passes: CFC averages 3.22 smart passes per 90 minutes, second highest in MLS NEXT Pro (average is 2.14).

Chattanooga FC’s players have also made significant individual contributions. Anatolie Prepelita leads the league in aerial duel success percentage (77.36%), while Andres Jimenez Aranzazu ranks third in accurate through pass percentage (63.64%). Mehdi Ouamri and Jesus Ibarra have been standout performers in the opposition penalty area and deep completions, respectively. Captain Alex McGrath has created numerous chances, and Jean Antoine has excelled in goalkeeping metrics.

Player Statistics

  • Aerial Duels: Anatolie Prepelita has the highest aerial duel success percentage in the league at 77.36%.
  • Accurate Through Passes: Andres Jimenez Aranzazu ranks third with a 63.64% accurate through pass percentage.
  • Touches in Opposition Penalty Area: Mehdi Ouamri is fifth in the league with 59 touches.
  • Deep Completions: Jesus Ibarra is tied for first in the league with 29 deep completions.
  • Chances Created: Captain Alex McGrath is tied for fifth with 27 chances created.
  • “Leaving Line” Statistics: Jean Antoine ranks fifth with 18 “leaving line” actions.
  • Goals and Assists: McGrath is tied for third with eight combined goals and assists.
  • Goals Scored: Mehdi Ouamri is tied for fourth with six goals.
  • Assists: Taylor Gray is tied for the most assists in the league with five.
  • Shots per 90 Minutes: Carlos Rivas is tied for second with four shots per 90 minutes.
  • Clean Sheets: Jean Antoine is tied for second with three clean sheets.
  • Interceptions per 90 Minutes: Prepelita is tied for sixth with 2.4 interceptions.
  • Blocks per 90 Minutes: Farid Sar-Sar has the second highest with 1.7.
  • Smart Passes per 90 Minutes: Luis Garcia Sosa is second with 1.43.
  • Goals Conceded per 90 Minutes: Jon Burke ranks fourth with 1.1 goals conceded and fifth with 3.67 saves per 90 minutes.
  • Goals per 90 Minutes: Jalen James ranks fourth with 0.94 goals.
  • Prevented Goals per 90 Minutes: Burke leads the league with 0.49 prevented goals.

Chattanooga FC has also received several league honors. Jesus Ibarra and Mehdi Ouamri have each won Goal of the Matchweek. The team was named Team of the Matchweek in Matchweek 5 and Team of the Month for April, reflecting their strong performance and recognition within the league.

League Honors

  • Goal of the Matchweek: Jesus Ibarra (Matchweek 2), Mehdi Ouamri (Matchweek 12).
  • Team of the Matchweek: Chattanooga FC (Matchweek 5).
  • Team of the Month: Chattanooga FC (April).

As the season progresses, Chattanooga FC aims to build on their successful start, leveraging their strong team and player performances to secure a top spot in the league. The midseason review highlights both the team’s adaptability and their competitive edge in MLS NEXT Pro, setting a positive tone for the remainder of the season.

What’s Next

Chattanooga FC is set to face Crown Legacy FC in their upcoming MLS NEXT Pro match on Saturday, July 6, at Finley Stadium. The match is scheduled to kick off at 7:00 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass as well as the CKRN Radio Network for free. Fans can buy tickets for the game and catch the action live.

Chattanooga FC, holding a record of 6-3-6, has faced a challenging run, including a loss to Carolina Core at home. The team is looking to bounce back and secure a victory against Crown Legacy FC, who has a record of 5-5-3 and comes into this match with momentum from their recent victories (W-L-L-W-W).

Chattanooga FC vs. Crown Legacy FC 
Finely Stadium – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Saturday, July 6th, 2024 – 7:03 p.m. ET 

The last meeting between these two clubs on May 15, 2024, saw Crown Legacy FC triumph over Chattanooga FC with a decisive 4-1 victory. Throughout the season, Chattanooga FC has demonstrated strong statistical performances. The team averages 12.1 shots and 5.1 shots on goal per game, with a passing accuracy of 86.5% from an average of 506.5 total passes per match. Defensively, Chattanooga FC has 3.2 blocked shots and 7.4 clearances per game, along with 3.3 goalkeeper saves.

The team also averages 14.7 fouls, 2.7 yellow cards, and 0.1 red cards per match. In contrast, Crown Legacy FC averages 14.8 shots and 5.6 shots on goal per game, with a passing accuracy of 83.3% from an average of 422.1 total passes per match. They also have higher averages in blocked shots (4.5), corners (5.5), and clearances (9.5). Crown Legacy FC’s defensive stats include 3.2 goalkeeper saves, 12.5 fouls, 2.4 yellow cards, and 0.3 red cards per match.

Stream: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV
TV Talent (English): Matt Pedersen (play-by-play)


Radio: The Chattanooga Kickoff Radio Network
Radio Talent: Gabriel Schray (play-by-play) 

This match is crucial for Chattanooga FC as they aim to climb the standings in the Eastern Conference. Key players to watch include Mehdi Ouamri, who has been instrumental in the attack, and Anatolie Prepelita, known for his aerial dominance. Crown Legacy FC will look to capitalize on their strong offensive stats, particularly their high number of shots and blocked shots per game. As the season progresses, Chattanooga FC aims to build on their strong team and player performances to secure a top spot in the league.

Fans can catch all the action live on Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass as well as the CKRN Radio Network for free. Tickets for the match are available for purchase, promising an exciting encounter at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga. This match promises to be a competitive showdown as Chattanooga FC seeks redemption and Crown Legacy FC aims to maintain their upward trajectory in the league.

Fans interested in attending can purchase tickets online. A free radio broadcast will also be provided for fans to listen to radio play-by-play coverage of the match in realtime.

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