CFL: RedBlacks Sign Six

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The Ottawa RedBlacks of the CFL have made a series of roster moves. They signed six new players to their roster according to a recent press release.

These signings included national defensive lineman Chris Larsen (6-5, 255 lbs.). Larson is from Toronto, ON. National linebacker Daniel Tshiamala (6-1, 233 lbs) was picked up by the franchise. He is from Kinshasa, Congo. The third of the signings was listed as international receiver Jordan Bouah (5-11, 210 lbs). Bouah is from Mission Viejo, CA.

The fourth signing was international kicker Jose Maltos (5-9, 201 lbs). Maltos is from Gral Escobedo, Mexico. International defensive lineman Maximilian Soto (6-1, 238 lbs) was signed to the roster. Soto is from Monterrey, Mexico. And the final signing was of international receiver Guillermo Villalobos (5-11, 180 lbs). Villalobos is native to Mexico City, Mexico. You can see his highlights below.

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