Snoop does Hockey Play-by-Play on Fox West

Pro Hockey

Snoop Dogg was a “celebrity guest of honor” for Saturday’s game between the Penguins and the Kings. Snoop certainly didn’t disappoint during his appearance- as he helped announce the matchup at the Staples Center.

He helped call play-by-play in the first period on Fox Sports West. A true rapper’s delight.

During the period he had a full narration of a power play and commentary on a fight.

Snoop said it was a “walk in the park,” adding, “I just don’t know the terminology so much but I understand the game. I think I can be an analyst for hockey.” We wouldn’t hate that at MWSN.

Snoop when the fight broke out: “He fired on cuz, hold on now. Get it cracking then, let’s go. Snoop Dogg in the house let me see something! Drop the sticks man. Let’s get cracking, man, to the middle of the rink. … Move Dion get out the way.”

Snoop on overpassing: “Somebody gotta be willing to take a shot. It can’t be all passes, somebody gotta want that money. Who want the money? Who want the money!?”

Snoop after a stick breaks: “Oh come on, nephew!”

Quite the treat to witness.

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