The Jesus Christ Shadow League: LB D’Anthony Jones


The Jesus Christ Holiness Church provides athletes with a second chance to play at the professional level. Jesus Christ Institutional Holiness Church Assemblies, Inc. is a North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation which houses a street ministry that engages in many samaritan community outreach programs; just one of which is this second chance sports league, called The Jesus Christ Shadow Pro-players League.

Michigan’s team is composed of a 23 man roster. Most of the “Michigan Goodfellows” are local guys who played high school and college ball. Some even recently graduated from college and sought out the opportunity of playing as their next step towards their pro career.

Goodfellow’s Coach David Tesner held tryouts for the team, giving guys that had almost given up on football a second chance. “I love it because I always wanted to play at home,” said ILB/OLB Dionte Jones. “I haven’t seen my friends and family in years and this was the best opportunity to do so!”

Jones was finishing his football season in Australia. When he first heard about the tryout in December, he took a 2 day flight to be in America in time. He went to tryout hours after landing, performed well and made the team.

The athletes in their own right, are very talented. Jones brings a lot to the table for the Goodfellows. Jones can cover well and plays the run effectively and of course is a great guy off of the field as well.

These men play for their 33 US State Teams; in basketball, football and baseball. Recruitment is from the many that reside in the most at-risk sections of cities where crime, murder, incarcerations, unemployment, and homeless numbers are high. According to a press release from the organization, they also focus on the many family’s with minor children living beneath poverty lines.

This article was written using information from Dionte and the league website. Media in this article is courtesy of the league’s website as well. For more college, pro and high school sports, follow us on Twitter @MWSNsports or like our page on Facebook.