Toledo Walleye scale to Kelly Cup Finalists!


The Toledo Walleye and Tulsa Oilers met again on the ice tonight, Wednesday, May 22 in Tulsa.  This meeting is the last for the 2018-2019 season.  The winner of this assembly goes on to the Kelly Cup Finals, but first claims the title of Western Conference Champions.  In addition, the team will start making their way to Canada by Saturday, May 25 for the first Cup game.  Canada is home to the inaugural team, Newfoundland Growlers, and have earned the title of  Eastern Conference finalists.

The Walleye won tonight on the road 6-2. I chose to watch the game at the Walleye Watch Party at 5/3 field.  This was a great way to watch the conquest.  The atmosphere was as though I was at an actual Walleye game.  The fans were supportive, as is usual.  The way the Toledo Mud Hens field hosted the event was a great way to provide fan interaction. Walleye runs were batted in by:   Sadowy, Moore, Register, Crane, Gallant, and Pope all brought a point across home plate.  Register slid across Tulsa’s home plate to block any opportunities.  Once Register did this, it was clear that the chance of Tulsa winning was out in left field.  The Walleye played well, you can tell they worked to cover their bases.

The Tulsa Oilers are an affiliate of the St Louis Blues.  Hopefully they will not be “singing the blues” too long as they played an amazing season.  They were one of four teams to make it to the ECHL conference finals.  The first period goal for the Tulsa Oilers was scored by Thomas.  The second period goal was scored by Perfetto.


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