Unreal Eagle Photo

Blog Extra

Amateur photographer Steve Biro captured an out of this world stunning symmetrical image of a bald eagle as it was flying over a pond. Each wing of the bird was dipping into the water- and the reflection in the water completed a perfect oval shape. Biro took the photo during a photography session at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario earlier this month.

“I was [also] feeling blah about a three-hour drive each way but decided to suck it up and go anyway,” Biro told USA Today. “Then I ended up getting one of the best shots of my life.”

When Biro relocated to shoot from the side angle, the bald eagle landed on the rock he had just been shooting from and “looked straight at me as if to say, ‘This is my turf buddy, back off,’” Biro said. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to look for my blog on the Eagle perched on the headstone on Memorial Day.

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