WATCH: Decorated D2 Guard Hoping to go in NBA Draft

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Jared Harington, a decorated shooting guard and point guard out of Albany State University has declared for the NBA Draft. Standing at 6’5″ and weighing in at 207 pounds, Harrington has been referred to as one of the most proficient scorers in the country more than a few times during his career. He is the only Division 2 guard to declare for the draft other than Amir Hinton, and it’s in part because of his impressive ability to shoot and score.

The team captain led the Golden Rams to the most conference wins for the team since 2007. Along the way he received an NBPA HBCU Top 50 camp invitation, the 2019 offensive player of the year award from the University, and made the SIAC all-conference team. He even set the school record for the most points in a single season this years, finishing with 465.

Jared Harrington Career Statistics

1126 PTS | 186 AST | 63 STL | 387 FG

He totaled up 25 PPG during the SIAC tournament and 3 steals. He also averaged 18 PPG during conference play. Below are his career highlights while in college.

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