Winnipeg Football Club Posts Operating Profit of $2.6 Million

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The Winnipeg Football Club today released its 2018 annual report and announced an overall operating profit of $2.6 million. Total operating profit was down from 2017.

Total operating revenue reached $33.4 million and is attributable to the Club’s decision to internalize food and beverage operations. This was offset by decreases in game revenue which was down $1.4 million (10.5%) as the Club did not host a home playoff game in 2018, and stadium management revenue which was down $1.8M in comparison to 2017.

“We are pleased with our overall financial results for 2018,” said Winnipeg Football Club President & CEO, Wade Miller. “These results are a testament to the strong support from our fans, season ticket members, and corporate partners. Our team should be proud of our financial results.”

Operating expenses totaled $30.8 million, an increase of $3.4 million over 2017.

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