Argos Sign Seven from 2019 Draft Class

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The Toronto Argonauts announced today that the team has signed the following players from the 2019 CFL Draft class:

DL Robbie Smith (6-2, 245, Laurier, April 17, 1997, Brampton ON) – 2nd round, 9th overall.

WR Kurleigh Gittens Jr. (6-0, 191, Laurier, September 20, 1997, Ottawa ON) – 3rd round, 23rd overall.

OL Maurice Simba (6-8, 320, Concordia, February 4, 1994, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) – 4th round, 29th overall.

DB Jamie Harry (6-2, 217, Ottawa, July 13, 1994, Lachine QC) – 5th round, 38th overall.

LS Joe Spaziani (6-2, 210, Virginia, December 20, 1995, Hingham, Massachusetts) – 6th round, 47th overall.

OL Eric Starczala (6-5, 315, Guelph, August 6, 1996, Cambridge ON) – 7th round, 62nd overall.

DL Trevaughn James (6-2, 300, Laurier, March 31, 1996, Whitby ON) – Priority free agent, rights protected after draft.

All rookies will join the Argos when the team opens training camp on Sunday, May 19 at York University.

The club also announced today the release of veteran LB Bear Woods.

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