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On Saturday in Minneapolis, at the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium, No. 1 Virginia (33-3) will play No. 5 Auburn (30-9), and then No. 2 Michigan State (32-6) will play No. 3 Texas Tech (30-6). It is the Final Four of the “March Madness,” NCAA tournament. The winners will play in the National Championship. Below you can find complete broadcast information and previews of each team.

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Virginia Cavaliers and Auburn Tigers
The Final Four
Date: Saturday, April 6th | Time: 6:09 pm ET
Location: U.S. Bank Stadium — Minneapolis, Minnesota
TV: CBS Sports Network | Live stream: March Madness Live


Texas Tech Red Raiders and Michigan State Spartans
The Final Four
Date: Saturday, April 6th | Time: 8:49 pm ET
Location: U.S. Bank Stadium — Minneapolis, Minnesota
TV: CBS Sports Network | Live stream: March Madness Live

Texas Tech Red Raiders

30-6, No. 3 seed in West Regional

Path to Minneapolis:
72-57 over No. 14 Northern Kentucky
78-58 over No. 6 Buffalo
63-44 over No. 2 Michigan
75-69 over No. 1 Gonzaga

Biggest Strength:
Great all around defense

Texas Tech was on a warpath through their first three rounds. They won each game in dominant fashion, by at least a 15-point margin. Everyone anticipated such against Northern Kentucky, but no one was anticipating the Red Raiders walking through Buffalo and Michigan like they did.

Virginia Cavaliers

33-3, No. 1 seed in South Regional

Path to Minneapolis:
71-56 over No. 16 Gardner-Webb
63-51 over No. 9 Oklahoma
53-49 over No. 12 Oregon
80-75 (OT) over No. 3 Purdue

Biggest Strength:
Great ability to adjust their offense according to their matchup

It hasn’t been an easy ride for Virginia, but with this team that just means they’re building grit for the trip to Minnesota. The Cavaliers were down 28-14 in the first half against Gardner-Webb, squeezed through a defensive battle against Oregon and needed a last-second miracle to force overtime against Purdue.

(Photo: U.S. Bank Stadium — Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of Saturday’s Final Four March Madness matchups)
(Photo: Only four teams remain in March Madness action. Find us on Twitter for live in game updates)

Auburn Tigers

30-9, No. 5 seed in Midwest Regional

Path to Minneapolis:
78-77 over No. 12 New Mexico State
89-75 over No. 4 Kansas
97-80 over No. 1 North Carolina
77-71 (OT) over No. 2 Kentucky

Biggest Strength:
Incredible ability to create turnovers on the floor

Auburn forced turnovers better than any other NCAA team this season. This last week the Tigers recorded at least 10 steals for the 18th time this year. They now stand at 27-2 when they have at least eight steals throughout the course of the contest. An impressive mark that they have hit in each contest during their current 12-game winning streak.

Michigan State Spartans

32-6, No. 2 Seed in East Regional

Path to Minneapolis:
76-65 over No. 15 Bradley
70-50 over No. 10 Minnesota
80-63 over No. 3 LSU
68-67 over No. 1 Duke

Biggest Strength:
More willing to share the ball than any of the other teams in the Final Four

For the first time in 72 games, a stretch that dates back to the 2017-18 season opener, Michigan State recorded at least 11 steals in a single contest. The Spartans finished plus-10 in turnover margin against one of the best turnover-forcing defenses in the country.

(Photo: Read our full Michigan State and Texas Tech preview by clicking the above image)

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