Southeast Sports Network Features “Say Yes to Officiating” Documentary

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The Southeast Sports Network is proud to announce the feature of the compelling documentary, “Say Yes to Officiating.” Originally premiered at the online 2021 Sports Officiating Summit, this 13-minute documentary is a part of a broader initiative by the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) to recruit, retain, and celebrate sports officials across the nation.

The documentary is accompanied by a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) tailored for various platforms. These range from 30-second clips perfect for television spots and social media posts, to 90-second videos designed for website integrations and in-person presentations. Additionally, the Pac-12 has produced specific PSAs for volleyball recruiting, emphasizing the sport’s growing demand for officials.

NASO’s commitment to the cause is further highlighted by their offer to co-brand many of these PSAs with interested organizations. This collaborative approach ensures that the message reaches a broader audience, encouraging more individuals to consider a role in sports officiating. As the leading source of officiating information, programs, and services in the nation, NASO continues to champion the importance of sports officials in the industry.

For those interested in the world of sports officiating or looking to share their experiences, NASO provides a platform through The Southeast Sports Network invites everyone to tune in, watch the documentary, and join the movement by saying yes to officiating.

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