Toledo Walleye Hockey Recipe for a Successful Evening


Recipe to a successful Toledo Walleye Hockey evening…

What ingredients are used to create a delightful game…

INGREDIENTS:  Wins, Players, Ice, Fans, Goalies

SUPPLIES:  Bowl (Huntington Center).  Size recommended is standard ECHL hockey rink.

  • Do not attempt the following unless you have become 1 of 4 teams remaining.
  • Take 7,792 fans for Game 1 of the Western Division Finals on Friday, May 10, 2019.
  • Take the opposing team, two goalies to try to keep the goals from rising.
  • Hit the side of the “bowl” so hard that the “glass” breaks.
  • Have both teams chill, slightly moving to keep from settling, while said bowl is being repaired
  • Pause again for ref’ to seek medical attention, while amazingly returning to the game.
  • Add a goal by #6 Tansey.
  • Add two goals by #11 Hamilton.
  • Add a goal by #25 Pope
  • Add goal by #15 Sadowy
  • Add goal by #16 Moore
  • Score on Power Play to win free chili.

The above is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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