Tulsa Wins in Overtime, now even with the Walleye

Extra Pro Hockey
     I chose to enjoy this 4th game of the ECHL Western Division playoffs at downtown Toledo’s Fleetwood Tap Room. The Tap Room is a great choice to watch the Fish while they are away from their pond. The atmosphere was as vibrant as the stadium lights beaming on the adjacent Mud Hens playing at Fifth Third Field. Fans showed up accessorizing with Walleye supportive merch.  Hensville lawn was dotted with fan holding lawn chairs.
     The Walleye definitely showed up heeding the pep talks.  They played better than their first game in Tulsa.  They looked like return customers.  From the number of human to ice contacts made, I can see that the ice must have trouble maintaining its frigid state.  The Oilers remind me of the Cincinnati Cyclones with their passes made behind them, sometimes even leaving quite a gap between Oilers and the puck.
      The first point was put on the board by Toledo’s Kotyk in the first period. The only point to represent Toledo tonight.  The second period point was placed by Tulsa’s Dostie. Leaving the second period tied. Third period was scoreless bringing on an overtime. Tulsa’s Sampair ends the overtime thus ending the game (2-1 final score) and evening the overall series 2-2.  Meaning the Toledo Walleye will return Monday, May 20 but not before playing game 5, for the third consecutive game in Tulsa tomorrow night.